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PAOK vs Panserraikos

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PAOK vs Panserraikos

Δημοσίευση από Tsouflidis Την / Το Πεμ 07 Αυγ 2008, 07:32

Violence Spoils Greek Friendly

It started out as a friendly game between Panserraikos and PAOK, but was interrupted after 13 minutes because of fights in the stands and on the pitch.

A 12-year-old was taken to hospital, and several other fans were slightly injured. It resulted in the referee terminating the game prematurely.

The two teams usually have a very good relationship, and each year they play friendly matches either in the summer or winter season.

Such was today’s encounter that brought over 3000 fans of PAOK to Serres, where the match was played.

It thought to be a very good test for both teams, but it ended in a mini-tragedy.

Because of the usual nature of the game, there was a shortage of police at the stadium, and unfortunately some unprincipled fans tried to exploit this.

After the 10th minute, some fans of PAOK, sitting in the opposition’s stands were prompted to move beside their own supporters.

The last ones to move reacted badly, and that was the reason for extensive fights.

Fans outside the stadium started to throw items at the Panserraikos stands, which resulted in the fans clamouring onto the field of play.

Inevitably, the match was delayed, and after negotiations between the two clubs, it was decided that it was the best for all to put an end to proceedings.

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