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Olympiakos come out 6-0 winners in Austria

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Olympiakos come out 6-0 winners in Austria

Δημοσίευση από PAOK1926 Την / Το Δευ 07 Ιουλ 2008, 10:38

Olympiakos opened their friendly schedule when they took on Austrian 3rd division side SV Hall this evening at Stadion Hall in Austria. It was expected that Olympiakos would have a walk in the park kind of game, and the club fulfilled expectations as Olympiakos came out 6-0 winners.

Olympiakos youngster Aristedis Soleidis made it 1-0 after an awful clearance attempt by the Hall defender. It was 2-0 a quarter of an hour later when a Leonel Nunez shot from outside the box made it into the net. Luciano Galletti centered for Darko Kovacevic, and an easy tap from the Serb made it 3-0.

Olympiakos continued their scoring ways in the second half as Mirnes Sisic made it 4-0 on forty-six minutes after a poor defensive effort saw the ball drop for the Slovenian international. Kostas Mitroglou made it 5-0 five minutes later when he latched onto a through pass set out by team captain Pedrag Djordjevic. It was 6-0 when Djordjevic converted from the spot after Sisic was brought down in the box.

Olympiakos’ next friendly is scheduled for July 10th at Stadium Jenbach in Austria against Polish side Groclin.

Olympiakos 6-0 SV Hall

Scoring summary:
Soiledis 13′, Nunez 28′, Kovacevic 45′, Sisic 46′, Mitroglou 50′, Djordjevic 86′

Olympiakos’ starting 11:

1st Half: Panagopoulos, Leonardo, Pantos, Bravo, Gallitsios, Stamogiannos, Mendrinos, Galletti, Soiledis, Nunez, Kovacevic

2nd Half: Kovac, Ledesma, Stoltidis, Sisic, Domi, Djordjevic, Mitroglou, Vassilogiannis, Niklitsiotis, Kotsaridis, Katsikogiannis

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Ηλικία : 29
Registration date : 06/06/2008

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Απ: Olympiakos come out 6-0 winners in Austria

Δημοσίευση από Kwstis Την / Το Δευ 07 Ιουλ 2008, 12:47

Τι σε νοιάζει εσένα ρεεεε κανένα Παόκι δεν ασχολείται με τις κολοόμαδες των Αθηνών... Π.Α.Ο.Κ πάνω από όλα ρεεεεεεε

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Τόπος : Salonica
Registration date : 13/03/2008

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Απ: Olympiakos come out 6-0 winners in Austria

Δημοσίευση από green Την / Το Δευ 07 Ιουλ 2008, 14:13

εκτός αν σε λαλούν MIKEZ . Lol!!!


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